​How does ATS Slayer™  transform your resume?

​We transform the resume from chronological to functional:


Import Original 
​Resume ​Content

​Why did the above resume not work?

  –No job title match

  –No education or skills​

    • They came after 750 words

  –Listed more than 10 years of jobs!

  –​Resume was 1450 words long

  –​It only matched only about 10% of what the Job Description was asking for… you need 80% or higher!


Analyze the ​Job ​Description for keywords and phrases​​​

​Read and Review the Job Description.

​ATS Slayer calculates the most used main Keyword and Phrases to put at the top of the list.

​Keep track of how many words you have used, remember you need to have upwards of 80% of the same Keywords and Phrases from the Job Description.


Generate​ new ​Resume​​​ ​focused on Skills and Experience

​Generate the NEW Functional Resume in Microsoft® Word, PDF, or Text!

​The generated resume is focused on the applicants Skills and Experience and much less on the time-order of events.  ATS Slayer(tm) always checks for the latest standards, like having less than 750 words.  The generated resume is easy for the ATS process to review and works well as a human readable resume.