​How does ATS Slayer™​ work?

So, ATS Slayer™ sounds really interesting, but how does it work? That is a great question! ATS Slayer™ is a Microsoft Windows® based product with many great features to help you build a strong ATS compliant resume and supporting files through a very simple interface. The following page will walk you through each of the product capabilities.   

​Here is a simple 3-step example to help understand the following information: 

​Main Screen

  • angle-right
    ​Simple to use interface.
  • angle-right
    ​​You can sign-in to the product, work with the Success Repository®, load a Job Description, create a cover letter, use the exclusive ​JobPrepper® and of course watch a video on all the features of this page.
  • ​​Copy  a Job Description from ​the source.
  • ​Make adjustments to the Job Description.
  • ​Save new opportunity.

New Opportunity

​Analyze Job Description

  • AI and Advanced algorithms are used to calculate the keywords and phrases.
  • ​Manage the generated words.
  • ​Add additional keywords and Phrases.
  • Easy drag & drop functionality.
  • Build resume - use ​90-Done™ to get done even faster. 
  • Triple check the keywords and phrases are used in the custom resume.

​Build Resume

​Generate Cover Letter

  • ​Load included cover letter or load your custom one.
  • ​Build a custom cover letter in seconds with ​90-Done™ feature.
  • ​Use data from the Resume to ensure the cover letter matches the resume.
  • ​Find the opportunity in seconds... ​the user will get the original ​job description, ​resume for that ​job ​description, ​keywords & ​phases, ​cover letter, and notes all in one fast interface.
  • ​Generate key reports like Employment, skills, references and others to be prepared for the interview.
  • ​Take notes and  export or print notes for review before interview.