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​In today's ​fast-paced world, trying to find a job ​can be painful and truth be told, finding the ​correct job can be excruciating.  Many job hunters find themselves in a brave new world where ​98% of the resumes sent into a company will be rejected ​and ​thrown in the trash.  The first question is why?  Because 95% of all ​Fortune 100 companies and as much as 80% of the regular companies use some form of Applicant Tracking System, or ATS for short.  The ATS process ​scores a resume against the job description and if there's ​not enough symmetry between those two documents, the applicant resume is rejected.

That is why ATS Slayer was invented, to give the power back to the job hunter and not the ATS software making the determination.

ATS Slayer is a product designed from the ground up to help job hunters create resumes based off the job description, not in hours, but ​minutes. ATS Slayer uses advanced AI and proprietary algorithms to help the job hunter get past the ATS process and ​into human hands.  Initial results of the product increased the job hunter's capability of getting a callback from ​a measly 2% to as high as 40%.

That is why we say, "Use ATS Slayer, and put the hunt back in the job hunt!"

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