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​​Only 2% of resumes sent are viewed by a human - find out why...

The first thing,  IT'S NOT YOU!
The rules for applying for a job by submitting a resume have changed drastically!

We all know how it feels; you send a great resume and then nothing.  First, understand that ​IT'S NOT YOU!  In the U.S. today 80% of the companies use some form of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).  To make it even worse, almost 90% of the Fortune 500 ​employ an ATS system to filter the submitted resumes.

98% of all resumes submitted through an ATS system are rejected!

That means only 2% make it to the next step of being seen by a human being.  The average job listing receives just over 250 applications per position, meaning only 4 to 6 individuals will be getting a call to talk about the next steps.

That's because the ATS process does not care about the old rules about how the resume looks or feels; about what fonts or font sizes are used; or even the overall format of the resume. And forget about what type of paper that it's printed on, the resume is scanned in and the paper is discarded. All resumes are then scored against the job description electronically, ranked and recommended before any HUMAN even reads it!


If you have not looked for a job in the past 5 years or are new to the job market, things have drastically changed. Today a vast majority of companies use an ATS process to reduce the number of resumes that have to be viewed.  

Example: A large company that has 1000 positions open each year and on average they receive around 250 resumes per position.   That means that 250,000 resumes have to be read, scored against the appropriate job description, and then ranked before sending that top 2% to the hiring manager.

That is going to take a huge team of HR professionals to process all those resumes, which is too expensive. Computer automation is today's HR department answer to scoring the resumes as compared to the positions' job description and eliminating a vast majority of the submitted resumes.

There has to be a better way!  

There needed to be a way to build a Job Description based resume fast and that would get a call for the next step...

Can you create an ATS compliant resume by hand?  Sure.  Can you build an ATS compliant resume that is also human readable, by hand?  Sure.  However, do you have the time to do it right, because if it's not right, it's a complete waste of time!

Most people looking for a job do not understand that i​t takes a lot of time to apply for new employment, especially electronically.  

What if an application ​could help you create job description based resumes in minutes not hours?

What if an application could find the keywords and phrases used in the job description and make sure you are using the most important ones first?

What if an application could ​maintain any changes so you only have to ​enter the information one time? ​

What if an application could generate an ATS compliant resume based on the job description and ensure that the most important information is there?

What if an application could double-check all the new rules to give your resume the best shot at working and getting you the call for the next steps?

What if an application ​could do all of the these things, plus a lot more and at a very low cost?


Here it is: 


  • 1
    ATS Slayer™ is a Microsoft Windows® based product that helps you generate ATS compliant resumes that match the job description's main keywords and phrases and does it in minutes not hours!
  • 2
    ATS Slayer™ is a learning machine: as you add more skills and experience, ATS Slayer™ allows those captured items to be reused in other resumes.
  • 3
    ATS Slayer™ ​helps generate not only ATS compliant resumes but also is focused on HRR or Human Readable Resumes because once you get past the ATS system you need to have a human-readable resume to secure the next steps.
  • 4
    ATS Slayer™ produces job description based resumes, AND it also creates all the supporting files like Cover Letters, References Letters, Skills Reports, and Experience Reports.

​ATS Slayer finding the keywords and phrases from the job description!

What People Are Saying About ATS Slayer

“Within a week of using ATS Slayer™, I had a job offer!”

“I was surprised, coming from an HR background, that the ATS Slayer product knew unpublished information that gave me an edge when hunting for a job.  In my case, I was searching for almost 6 months, and within a week of using ATS Slayer™, I had a job offer!"

Lellani M
- Director of Human Resources

 I had a callback within 3 resumes sent!"

“I had been searching for a job and sending in resumes and cover letters with every application and was getting no callbacks for the next steps.  Changing the resumes for each job application became tedious and hunting for a job became my full-time job.  I started using ATS Slayer™ and following the rules, and I had a callback within 3 resumes sent!"

William A
- Sr. Software Engineer

 I believe JobPrepper® made all the difference."

I believe JobPrepper® made all the difference.  I was called by a recruiter for a job that I had applied to 2 weeks prior and within 2 seconds after he told me his name and company, I had the job description, my resume, the keywords, and the cover letter at my fingertips.  It allowed me to sound like this was the only job I was interested in and lock in the next step, which was an in-person interview.  I also used the Notes feature to catalog the top items for the interview. I got the job!"

Shamus R
- Territory Sales Manager

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